2 cool places to visit in the city of Jackson

“Mynelle Gardens began as a private garden created by Mynelle Westbrook Hayward and was acquired by the City of Jackson in 1973. It is a seven acre collage of several distinct botanical gardens with winding pathways, cascading pools, and distinctive bridges that lead across the pond to an island oasis. It typifies the southern garden with features worth emulating in our own backyards.”http://www.jacksonms.gov/visitors/mynellgardens


The Smith roberson museum was the firts african american school int he city of jackosn.
it has been turned into a black history musuem. “the purpose of the musuem is to give a greater understading of thr positive impact of african american art. The school was opened in 1894 and operated by african american until 1971 when schools were intergrated n Jackson.http://www.mississippibeautiful.com/capital-river/smith-robertson-museum-jackson-mississippi.html

Heres a news story about a place: http://msbusiness.com/businessblog/2013/04/03/ajax-diner-gets-nod-from-mens-health/


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